Forgiveness and Letting Go, the Path to Freedom ~

Begin your journey of forgiveness and letting go today, and move into repairing and healing the relationship within yourself. As you do this, you will experience a beautiful gift of inner peace and balance, enabling you to live a happier and fulfilling life.

Are you holding on to any of these beliefs?

1. "They ruined my life."

2. "What they did is unforgivable."

3. "How could they have done this to me!?"

Forgiveness and love opens your heart and frees your soul. To release pain, resentment and anger is to free you from the emotional bondage of your past.

A misconception about forgiveness is that, when you forgive, you condone or accept the hurtful behavior. In actuality, you are releasing your attachment to the behavior. Do not focus on being a "victim," or "wronged." Instead, empower yourself, with love, compassion, and understanding. Say to yourself "I will no longer indulge in negative thoughts, I release all that no longer serves me." Take a few deep breathes and repeat 5x to yourself the following, "I forgive you ___(person)_____, for ____(the behavior)____. I __(your name)____ am now free."

As you continue practicing this exercise, you will notice layers of anger and resentment melting away. It is time to set aside old beliefs and make way for the new. Today is a new day!



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