Life is a mirror of all we believe we are now and who we wish to become...

We all have the choice each day to grow, and learn from others~

Our relationships reflect our inner most feelings, emotions, fears, needs and all hidden aspects of our true self, this can be both pleasing and painful. When we meet someone that we have much judgement about, who irritates us, triggers us, the more we need to learn from them. I see it as the more they cause a reaction in us, the deeper the need is to look for what we are being told, screaming out for us, "Hey, you need to see this, learn from this!

We are always in a process of developing all aspects of ourselves, so we can become whole. We pull people into our life that reflects all areas within us. The easiest people to get along with, those we like, reflect this aspects in us that we like, are comfortable with and accept in ourselves. These are people we typically seek out consciously and have everyday relationships with. People that make us uncomfortable, annoy us, upset us and even anger us, reflect aspects in ourselves that we reject, repress - A.K.A., our "shadow sides"

Example if your a shy, quiet person you may feel uncomfortable around a loud, boisterous person. As they reflect a side we have repressed and have been told is bad. (Keep in mind this is only one approach to this as there can be many nuances to look at.) We can also be attracted to our opposites in seeking to become whole. We recognize they can help us become fully expressive in all areas we desire!

When you learn to look at these experiences and people in our outer world, identify the message, identify how they can inspire us and teach us about ourselves, this process is magical and a wonderful opportunity to pull out and learn to embrace ALL of our qualities.

In sharing this I do not suggest that you embrace and accept negative or bad behavior that are not good and uplifting for you. You need to set boundaries, express them and maintain them.

"Life is a gift, reflecting exactly who we are, what we believe and desire to be"



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