The Art of Mindfulness…….

What is Mindfulness…...

Mindfulness or presence is a practice of living and appreciating in this very moment, noticing all that is around you, the cool breeze, the bird singing, a childs' distant laughter. It is filled with gratefulness, and love for the space your in.

To begin your practice of mindfulness and presence, stop throughout your day and close your eyes, listen for the sounds around you, thank them, witness your surroundings, thank them. What do you feel, what do you see, what do you hear and smell. Breathe in the air deeply and fully. Feel your heart beating, Thank it as well. Using your breathe as a door to mindfulness, as it enters and flows through your body and then leaving the body, gifting you with peace and calm. Allowing nature and life to carry you off. Accepting all good, bad and indifferent with equanimity. As you do this, feel the warmth of love and gratitude embrace your being.

In honoring that which is around you, you honor yourself. You become an intimate part of all that is around you, and it becomes you. Rejoice in life, feel it, own it, become it. This process provides us harmony, stillness and inner peace. We no longer take life for granted. We become aware and sublime. This practice is simple and freeing, opening our heart to joy, clarity, and presence.

As you go about your day, stop a few times, reflect, and thank life for all it's gifts and lessons. Breathe in deeply, with gratitude and love. Release, reflect and just "be." As you practice this, you find things get simpler. Capture and embrace this moment, this is how we cultivate mindfulness.

"Wherever You Go, There You Are" ….Jon Kabat-Zinn



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