A beautiful simple Zen meditation for beginners.

When first exploring the world of meditation, be compassionate and kind with your practice. Core of this practice is in remaining in a place of non-judgement. Let whatever experience comes be right. Meditation is deifferent for all of us, no matter what the experience. Meditation is a fabulous way to create calmness, clear vision and focus. Begin with breathing, enjoying and NO judgement!.

Let the breathe come as it may, thoughts come and go as it may, physical sensations be what they are. Stay committed, and only start with a few minuites a day. Once you find yourself easing into the moment, welcoming it, embracing it and feeling more at ease with it, then add a little more time.

Part of the learning in this beautiful process is patience, with self and the practice. Being present is the benefit. After each practice no matter what, place hands on heart center, thank yourself, over and over for the experience, for the patience that your learning, for any awareness that comes through the experience.

Most of all enjoy this process, celebrate the path the journey, and stay committed no matter what happens. Every meditation is a good meditation.

I hope to hear your experiences and comments, how it is unfolding for you, questions, and insights.

Namaste' Zensies!


"Life is a daily blessing, see the gifts, lessons and always be thankful!"

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