Essence Oils………Take me away~

Essence Oils have been around forever.... Aromatherapy a wonderful fun way to lift your spirits enhance your well being, heal and provide overall balance.

Feeling a little down? Bergamont, Jasmine, Lavender. A tad fatigued? Basil, Ginger or lemon perhaps. Irritable? A little drop of Neroli please, (my favorite) does wonders! So; as you see, there are so many applications. Of course always use them as suggested, and be aware of those that can be volatile.

A fun way to play with oils is to create your own room mist. One I enjoy is:

* 15 drops Clary Sage (bright and earthy, good for asthma, coughing, stress)

* 9 drops Lemon (citrusy and yummy, good for colds, flu and dull skin)

* 6 drops Lavender (Fresh and sweet, good for depression, headhache, anxiety)

Fill a spray bottle with either 1.5 oz of distilled water and 1.5 oz of alcohol. leave a little room in your spray bottle to shake. Add 30-40 (although I start with 20-25 as some oils are very potent) Shake the bottle up let sit for one day, then shae again and before each spritz. Mist the room lightly. Awwww beautiful and so delicious and fun!

Enjoy, play and spritz on Luvs,



#essentialoils #aromatherapy

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