Visualization Fun and Powerful~

Creative Visualization....The foundation to creating the life you desire.

This basic and simple technique is perfect to integrate into your daily life. Make it a habit, a practice that you master.

Through the visualization process you will tap into your intuition, creative abilities that are available to you and through you. Whether your creating a vision book or board follow it up with the visualization process to lock it in.

The technique is not only powerful but also fun. Weaving visualization into your daily thinking, moment to moment, expecting it, feeling it, and owning it, you will see; as I have, the miracle and power it holds.

Decide on a goal, Imagine it as if the goal is happening right now, in the present moment. In doing this, you create a beautiful inner experience that reflects and manifests itself into your reality. The process is so simple you can do it at any moment.

Create an affirmation to support the goal, repeating the affirmation over and over and over throughout your day. Close your eyes to get the full experience. Next, let go and relax, allowing letting it unfold freely as it is meant to and in the time frame it is meant to.

I have seen the power in this, experienced it myself. It is the simplest principle we can practice to create all that we desire.

The power you hold inside you is truly incredible, make it happen today~

"LOGIC will get you from A to B.... Imagination will get you everywhere."...Albert Einstein

Happy manifesting everyone <3


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