Problems Are Messages

Our experiences and physical world are a direct reflection of our inner world. A giant mirror reflecting our inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, clearly and accurately. Because we are creating and designing our life moment by moment, we can look at it and see in it feedback about ourselves.

Once we learn to interpret these messages we have a fabulous tool for self-awareness and insight to our inner guidance. Understanding our world in this way we have the ability to see hidden aspects of ourselves we would not always see directly. Every person, experience and opportunity we have manifested is an expression of our inner soul and an area we need to expand and take notice. It is our souls' way of getting our attention, saying , "Take a look here, you need to see this!" Whether it's a place we need to integrate more of, adjust or learn from, if we do not take notice, the problem will repeat and intensify until we do.

In accepting and allowing these messages we become more attuned to our intuition and inner wisdom. Growth and progress on our path to self-discovery becomes quick and clear.

Each day, be present, thank each person and experience that comes into your life, and look for the lesson. Everything that happens is a wonderful and powerful gift!



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