Connection with Self

Spirit, God, Essence, Inner Guidance, Universe, Life Force, Soul, The Tao - all words to express the concept that many believe of higher power, guidance, a knowing - beautiful, pure love.

Through deep spiritual awareness we build a foundation, comprised of "our" truth. For each individual, this journey is unique, and expressive of our inner being.

Once we begin this journey through self awareness, we explore and discover a deeper knowledge, wisdom, intuitive connection, an incredible and beautiful guiding force.

Through this connection we tune in to all aspects of us: the dark shadows, beauty, love, all important and integral, valuable parts of us. If this journey is what we desire, all we do is ask. Through inner guidance, we are given access to divine spirit - authentic, all knowing, and always of superior wisdom.

Once you begin this journey - surrender, allow and accept the process to unfold naturally - you will expand and recieve exactly what you need. Life will become a beautiful abundance of opportunities and insights. Fluid, effortless and powerful. You will connect with source - your greatest strength, power and infinite wisdom - as well as your vulnerabilities, in a way that will bring you to your knees in gratitude.

As you learn to rely on this guidance, all needs and desires are fully supported. Yes, this is where your power, happiness and joy lies. Your life, relationships, and experiences interweaving beautifully and harmoniously with others.

When you are ready to begin your journey, ask, listen and prepare for the most beautiful awakening you will ever experience.

"Experience and delight in the journey that is yours, individually designed for your expansion and growth that awaits your discovery" Deborah



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