Meditation - Find your Truth within

Namaste' Everyone!

Im excited to be back in the blogging world. And a special thank you to those of you who have contacted me and encouraged me to blog again!


Meditation - The connection to our inner truth, wisdom and spirit.

When we pierce through those layers of the outer world and connect to our inner place, the vibe is amazing.

They say that meditation isn't about forcing stillness, it's about connecting to the stillness that's already within! I love that <3

To begin repeat to yourself, "There is no wrong meditation" "Every experience is good! All meditations are purposeful to each individual and all for different reasons.

Some of you may fall asleep, some of us find clarity, others peace. It is all good. That's how I see it. No pressure to do it "right". It is all right!

So to begin, find a comfortable position, preferably on floor although in a chair is good too, (You dont want to be feeling pain during your meditation, that can be wrong I suppose) feet firmly grounded flat on the floor. Close your eyes, or keep them open, this is up to you.

Sit straight, allowing your energy and breathe to flow freely throughout your body.

Take a deep breathe in.......... 1,2,3,4,5,6,

Breathe out..........1,2,3,4,5,6, Awwwww, I do this with a loud breathe out! Releasing all that toxicity I may be holding onto, and it just feels good!

Repeat the in and out breathes at least 3 times......Just allowing the slow, deep breathes to embrace your being.

Now your ready, mind is calming, body is relaxing and surrendering to the process.

Continue to breathe, even repeating a mantra.... I like Deepak Chopras .. So Hum... I am.... in and out...

Whenever your mind begins to drift simply return to the breathe the mantra... So Hum..... silently or outloud repeating.... So Hum....

Continue this process for 10-20 minutes each morning. Keeping an attitude of allowing and acceptance of whatever comes to you. Openness to all that may show itself to you, a feeling of calm, peace, pictures, forms, feelings. Do not judge your process, just allow, accept, thank.

Thoughts are a natural part of meditation, your mind may drift. You may anticipate the future, fear the past. Let it all come naturally, freely. It's all good!

Be an observer of any thoughts, letting them come, float by, not attaching to them just allowing them to be. Always returning to the breathe, effortlessly, simply.

If your fatigued you will want to fall asleep. No huge message there aside form your tired!

As you practice these moments of silence, quiet and stillness through breathe. You will find your mind adjusts. You will become aware of gaps between your thoughts and possibly even the absence of thoughts, as you continue your practice this will becomes more frequent.

After 10-20 minutes (Yes, you can set a timer) bring your attention to breathe, mantra, observing how your body feels. What it may be showing you. Thanking it.

I also like set my intention for the day and then let it go, seeing it float up to the universe for manifestation, letting a "OMMMMMMMMM" go. This vibration not only feels good throughout our chakras, but it also seals your practice. Open your eyes slowly, stretching your finger, toes.

Bringing hands together heart center, thanking yourself for the practice and moment of stillness you just gave yourself.

Don't you feel better already? Stick with it it is worth every breathe.

Wishing you healing, presence and deep love <3



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