Perfect Health, happiness and Well-being is achieved through presence, awareness and mindfulness.  Through conscious awareness of who we are, what we need and designing behaviors and practices that empower us we find healing and balance.  In taking these steps to connect with our inner intuitive intelligence and resources we achieve Mind/body/spiritual balance. I am a Certified Teacher for Ayurveda Perfect Health and Life Balance, Primordial Sound and Yoga through the Deepak Chopra Programs.  These programs changed my life and they will yours too!


5 years ago I found myself, in a toxic relationship, a career that; although, I was earning a generous income, was costing me mywell being.    I made the decision to leave my relationship, and sold everything, my company, home and much of my possessions and move to Solana Beach for a fresh start.  This was a place of not knowing what that looked like. This turned out to be the best decision I ever made. Following my intuition and doing what I felt right. even though I had no idea what that would be was the first of many choices and experiences I would make based on trusting my inner wisdom.


It has not always been pretty or easy, but; I can say, it has been filled with incredible growth, and discovery of what I love in life, where I am my happiest, sharing, living and teaching Perfect health!  With this, has come an unimaginable freedom and alignment, for the first time in my life with why I am here, what my purpose is and a feeling of wholeness. When we expand our awareness, we tap into a deep well of creativity, love, strength, peace and wholeness. We live our life "in purpose," with authenticity and in resonance with our greater inner spirit and gifts. Through this expansion and deeper understanding, we realize that we hold all the power inside of us. By connecting to our inner guidance, great things begin to happen --almost miraculously. By flashes of insight, visions, clearer thoughts, new ideas and a sense of greater opportunity. we become a human 'be'ing, rather than a human 'do'ing.


I hope to join you in your unique life journey and share with you the beautiful practices, tools and wisdom I have learned since my first step into this path 10 years ago!


Wishing you all Perfect Health!

 Deborah  Walker

      Health & Wellness Coach